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Offering clients a customized marketing strategy, which looks at the ultimate objectives and the best approaches that should be taken.

Today the computer age has presented small and medium businesses with a multitude of advantages in which to compete with large corporations. As with all new eras, a learning curve is created and a barrier to entry erected.What IN Marketing can do for you is to level this barrier and allow you to focus your business at what you do best.

We offer a full spectrum of services that include:

  • Consulting Services

  • Graphics Art Design / Logo Design

  • Campaign Formulation

  • Business Card / Post Card Printing

  • Computer Solutions

  • One Step Internet Solutions / Web Site Design

  • Our web site packages give you a one step, unique Internet presence.

  • What This Means….

  • No cookie cutter designs used from generic templates.

  • Images relating to your business are used (primarily supplied by you).

  • Integration into existing marketing campaigns.

  • Full site preparation (www registration, hosting available, search engine registration, etc.).

Services listed above will be offered at reasonable rates allowing you to evaluate and monitor your strategies progression.

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